Laser Gum Therapy

Image showing laser gum therapy.

As a periodontal specialist, Dr. Morris offers Laser Gum Therapy.  He will examine your mouth fully to see if the use of a laser will be a benefit in your particular situation.  Dr. Morris utilizes various other treatment modalities including Piezotomes, Radio Surgery, as well as Ultra Sonic Scalers.  Dr. Morris values your wants and needs. His knowledge allows him to customize treatment for your individual situation. In a world of varying periodontal therapies, a patient should be leery if a dental laser is the only treatment option given.

Dental lasers use light energy to obliterate diseased tissue.  Dr. Morris utilizes a FDA approved laser.



For more information about Laser Gum Therapy or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Morris, call our office in Lee's Summit, MO at Lee's Summit Office Phone Number 816-554-2663.