New Technology in Periodoctics

Advanced Dental Technology

Our office utilizes the latest technology to better serve our patients needs. As the patient enters the office, they will notice a silent education program displayed on the waiting room television. They can choose to watch and learn from the program or read a magazine while waiting.

Microscope and dental technology equipmentPatient data is stored on computers and networked to one of 2 flat panel displays in each operatory.

Television is available for your enjoyment during the procedure. These panels also serve as displays for digital x-rays and intraoral photo viewing by the patient. They also allow us to schedule your next appointment while seated.

We use the latest education software in the operatories to show the patient specifics about there particular needs. Your understanding is made simple by the use of pictures, models, video and computer animation.

The equipment and surroundings are up to date. Tools utilize distilled water, sinks are hands free and floors are solid surface vinyl for your protection. All instruments are heat sterilized in our modern sterilization facility. The staff’s protective equipment includes masks, gloves, gowns, glasses and face shields.

Dr. Morris utilizes various equipment including Dental LasersPiezotomes, Radio Surgery, Ultra Sonic Scalers as well as Microscopes just to name a few.

Microscopic sample of periodontal bacteriaFrom modern low radiation digital x-rays, to easy to view flat panel displays, Dr. Morris strives to reflect the achievements of modern dentistry. However, with all the technology that’s seen in plain view, much more exists unseen in everyday procedures.

Periodontics is a changing field, that can easily leave one behind. The biochemistry of systemic diseases, proteins and growth factors of bone regeneration, techniques for implant to bone stabilization and the complex pathology of periodontal disease are just some of the areas of expertise of today’s Periodontist.


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