Bone Recontouring

When excessive, normal bone exists around our teeth, we call them ‘Tori’. These tori sometimes affect our smile or become so excessive even on our back teeth, that they are uncomfortable. 

In these situations the bone can be reduced and smoothed back to normal contours. Over grown bone can be present in isolated spots or all over the mouth. An isolated, raised bump should be checked for disease. 

Periodontal Plastic Surgery involves many different procedures and can be utilized to greatly improve any smile. 

Before you consider a cosmetic procedure like new crowns, veneers or tooth whitening, schedule an appointment with Dr. Morris to have your smile analyzed. His suggestions will help you get the most out of your new smile investment.

For more information about periodontal plastic surgery or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Morris, call our office in Lee’s Summit, MO at  Morris Periodontics, Lees Summit, MO Phone Number Morris Periodontics, Lees Summit, MO Office Phone Number 816-554-2663.