Cosmetic Enhancement of Existing Dental Implants

There are many reasons why replacement teeth and dental implants lack the contours and esthetics of a natural tooth. Bone loss, scar tissue and tooth color are a few of the problems one encounters. Dr. Morris will plan your case with your dentist to ensure the best possible outcome. However, if the dental implant has already been placed, procedures and techniques exist to improve a less than ideal situation. 

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Solutions

The positioning of the implant in the bone housing is important to achieve a natural looking tooth. However, some situations do not allow for ideal placement and one must rely on periodontal plastic surgery to improve esthetics. Skin grafting, gingival balancing and cosmetic crown lenghthening of surrounding teeth are just a few ways to aid the smile.

Restorative Solutions

Once the dental implant is uncovered, it becomes ready for the crown, bridge or denture. Your dentist will go through multiple processes to ensure a natural looking tooth. However, in limited situations, the dental implant and crown becomes un-esthetic. Gum disease, smoking, trauma and bone atrophy are some of the reasons dental implants can become unsightly. In many instances, a new crown will solve the problem. Other situations will require periodontal plastic surgery. Sometimes a combination will be required.

If the dental implant is healthy and stable in the bone, but the metal collar of the dental implant visible, the dentist may be forced to prep the exposed implant just like he/she would a normal crown. This often allows for proper placement of the crown margin. This is especially useful in situations where the surrounding teeth have receded over the years and the dental implant tooth becomes short in appearance.

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