Teeth that were rotated or impacted prior to braces are good candidates for a fiberotomy. The connective tissue fibers around the tooth have an elastic memory. These fibers need to be severed once your orthodontist has brought the teeth into proper position. The fiberotomy along with the wearing of your retainer will help you maintain the beauty of your new smile.

You may need one or multiple teeth treated depending on your Orthodontic therapy. A fiberotomy should be performed once the teeth are in their ideal position to allow fiber re-attachment in a relaxed state.  This procedure involves surgically severing the connective tissue attachment around the involved tooth (teeth).  Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen post-operative is sufficient and is accompanied by an anti-microbial rinse for about one week. The patient may experience slight redness in the area, but can resume normal activities, including sports in 48 hours.

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