Periodontal Exam & Cleaning

Your Orthodontist has determined that you require a periodontal health exam as well as a dental cleaning. They have referred you to a Periodontist because our specialty deals with the health of your teeth and gums. Our practice utilizes the latest technology and equipment, as well as research and techniques to professionally clean your teeth.

We are aware that your Orthodontist has already taken various dental x-rays.

However, to evaluate your gingival health, periodontal x-rays may be required to properly assess your teeth, bone and gums. This will help us assess your gingival health and bone levels. Your dental cleaning will utilize hand instruments, ultrasonic instruments, and air polishing technologies so that the result is a state of the art dental cleaning. Allow yourself one hour for this procedure.

In some instances, depending on your periodontal condition, more periodontal therapy may be required. Our goal is to help you maintain your teeth and gums for a lifetime.

For more information about periodontics or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Morris, call our office in Lee’s Summit, MO at  Morris Periodontics, Lees Summit, MO Phone Number Morris Periodontics, Lees Summit, MO Phone Number 816-554-2663.