Cosmetic Crown Lengthening With Orthodontics

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening is a minor procedure where excessive or swollen tissue is removed in order to provide a more natural, balanced smile.

Once the patient is numbed with local anesthetic, Dr. Morris will ‘plot’ proper gingival contours.  Conservative incisions are made and ideal tissue shape is determined.

Proper tissue contours are visible immediately.  Often the before and after photos are very dramatic!

Cosmetic crown lengthening with orthodontics, before and after photosCosmetic crown lengthening case study before and after

With the increased emphasis on facial esthetics, both patients and dentists are developing a greater awareness of the impact of the gingiva on the beauty of the smile.  In recent years, more attention has been given to the problem of excessive gingival display (gummy smile).

Many individuals complete their orthodontic treatment and have ideally positioned teeth, however, when they smile they notice short teeth or excessive gum tissue “gummy smile”. Cosmetic crown lengthening is a simple procedure which can be done to greatly enhance the smiles of these patients. During this procedure, excess gum tissue and/or bone is reshaped to expose more of the natural tooth. 

This procedure is often done on the upper front six to eight teeth to create a beautiful smile,  just like the pictures you’ve seen in many magazines. The procedure takes approximately one and a half hours using topical and local anesthetic. In some instances, dissolving sutures may be utilized. Most patients experience minimal discomfort. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen post-operative is sufficient and is accompanied by an anti-microbial rinse for about one week. The patient may experience slight redness of the gums around the treated teeth, but can resume normal activities, including sports.

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