Periodontal Exams

Exam Prior to Braces

Your Orthodontist has recommended for you to have a consultation and exam so that the health of your teeth and gums can be assessed. This is recommended for all Adults prior to Orthodontic treatment. During this exam the health of your bone, gums, and sulcus (area around your tooth) will be evaluated. This is done because the movement of teeth in the presence of Periodontal Disease is detrimental to your teeth and may accelerate bone loss.

Also, the presence or absence of attached tissue of your teeth will be recorded. At this appointment we will also assess which teeth have a lack of attached tissue and may need a skin graft prior to tooth movement.

We will also review proper oral hygiene techniques that aid in your ability to maintain periodontal health. It is well known that it is difficult to properly clean your teeth while wearing braces due to the extra hardware in your mouth. Our goal is to make sure that everyone that comes into our office and wants braces will be able to get braces.

Exam During Braces

An exam by a Periodontist during braces is usually recommended when your Orthodontist has noticed changes in the health of the gums (gingiva). Often times, the brackets will make it difficult for you to clean your teeth properly. In some situations, this can lead to gingivitis or periodontitis. Furthermore, because of genetics, movement of your teeth into an ideal position may cause gum recession or gingival overgrowth, which will adveresely affect your smile.  We will evaluate the health of your gingiva, discuss any treatment needs, and review proper oral hygiene techniques.

Exam After Removal of Braces / Retainers

An exam by a Periodontist after removal of braces is usually recommended when your Orthodontist has determined that bacteria has been detected under your gums (gingiva), especially around bands. If left untreated, the health of the tooth could be affected. Furthermore, because of genetics, movement of your teeth into an ideal position may have caused gum recession or gingival overgrowth. One of the best reasons your doctor may have referred you is that he/she feels your straight teeth could be made more cosmetically pleasing with a Periodontal Plastic Surgery procedure.

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