Crown & Bridge Cosmetics

New crowns are an everyday dental procedure. Most new crowns are performed to replace large fillings or old crowns with marginal discrepancies which are unhealthy to the patient. Unfortunately, improper management of the adjacent periodontal tissue coincides quite often with new crown placement (Dr. Levine 1999).

Although crowns replace an individual’s tooth form, function and esthetics, it is equally important to do no harm. Thus, protecting biologic width and periodontal attachment is necessary to maintain health. The avoidance of chronic inflammation and the systemic chemical cascade that accompanies it should be considered.

A new crown or bridge is a big investment. Dr. Morris through Periodontal Plastic Surgery can help achieve optimum esthetics and function. Balancing gingival margins, filling spaces under pontics, establishing proper tooth length with regards to facial attributes and creating left/right symmetry are just some of the benefits a periodontist can offer the restorative dentist.

Please consider Dr. Morris prior to your next crown or bridge.

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