Periodontal Plastic Surgery Evaluation

Evaluation at Morris Periodontics, Lee's Summit MO

Once the patient has decided to explore the benefits of periodontal plastic surgery, an exam will be scheduled with Dr. Morris. Following a medical and dental history review, Digital radiographs and pictures will be taken. Depending on the patients specific needs, the following esthetic parameters will be analyzed:

  • Facial height and width
  • Lip length
  • Smile symmetry
  • Vertical symmetry of the maxillary central teeth
  • Incisal plane relationship to the pupils
  • Lip line with repect to teeth
  • Gingival display in full smile
  • Tooth display at rest and in smile
  • Relationship of the edges of the teeth with the lip
  • Phonetics (pronunciation)
  • Tooth shape and contours
  • Embrasures between teeth
  • Age, Gender, Personality
  • Sulcus Depth and Biologic Width

Smile Analysis

Upon completion of your smile analysis, the proper treatment can be planned and your general Dentist will be informed.

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