Dental Implant Maintenance

Like natural teeth, dental implants require ongoing care. Dr. Morris and his staff will inform you of how best to maintain your smile and your investment. Your overall health, diet and smoking can affect your oral health as well as your dental implants. The two methods of maintaining your dental implants are by professional care and your home care.

Professional Care

Once your dental implant is placed, Dr. Morris will recommend you visit our office once a year to examine and clean your dental implant. Dental implants require specialized care in order to preserve years of function and esthetics. At this appointment, all your teeth will be screened for periodontal disease. A digital x-ray will be taken of your dental implant. This is considered the maintenance phase.

Your implant will be treated with specialized instruments: plastic probes to measure pocket depth, plastic tipped scalers and air polishing equipment as well as expert analysis of the case.

Home Care

It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene habits. Electric toothbrushes, oral irrigators and dental floss will aid you in maintaining oral health. Healthy pink tissue is the result of twice daily oral irrigation and brushing. Once-a-day flossing is usually sufficient. Dr. Morris and his staff will evaluate your health and customize your home care products and treatment.

(Contraindications to oral irrigation include: mitral valve prolapse, artificial joints and heart valves, cancer patients on chemotherapy, history of rheumatic fever as well as some immune disorders. Please contact your dentist, physician or our office if you have questions.)

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