Crown Lengthening

The term Crown Lengthening refers to a minor surgical procedure performed on a healthy periodontium that requires exposure of additional tooth structure for restorative purposes.

With Decay Below Gumline

Crown lengthening process x-ray and photosDuring a routine dental examination, your Dentist may discover a cavity below the gum, where it is difficult to see.  Before this can be restored with a filling, Dr. Morris needs to alter the tissues so that the filling can be accessed and restored.

The gums are reflected back exposing the cavity and surrounding bone.  Some of the bone surrounding the tooth is removed.  This allows the tissue to re-attach below the decay.  Dr. Morris reshapes the bone so that it follows the original bone outline. The gums are then sutured back into place.

After the area has healed and the sutures dissolve, the cavity (which is now accessible) is restored by your dentist.  The restoration often requires a new crown.

With a Fractured Tooth

Crown lengthening before & after case studyOver time, teeth can develop cracks and fracture lines.  These cracks can propagate and lead to a fracture that causes loss of a portion of the tooth below the gum.  Before the restoration can begin, Dr. Morris will need to alter the tissue.

A tissue flap is reflected to expose the bone and extent of the fracture.  Some of the surrounding bone is then removed to allow access to healthy tooth structure below the fracture.  Dr. Morris shapes the none in a way that allows room for tissue to re-attach below the fracture.  The tissue flap is then replaced at a lower position and sutured into place.

After a short healing period, your Dentist will prepare the tooth for crown placement, which creates a new anatomy to fit the new gum and bone architecture.

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With Restorative

Crown lengthening before & after case studyCrown Lengthening can be performed to lengthen the visible crown of the tooth in individuals with short crowns and/or an uneven smile.  Today, denistry can improve your bite, smile, and quality of life.

Once the patient is numbed with local anesthetic, Dr. Morris will “plot” the proper gingival contours.  Conservative incisions are made and ideal bone height are determined.

After a short healing time, restorations are made by your dentist.  In some instances, temporary crowns may be fabricated while tissues have time to heal.


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Patient Reviews

Thanks so much for making a really unpleasant procedure as good as could possibly be expected!!! No pain - confidence inspiring during the procedure and very professional.

- Allen E

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Patient Reviews

I had broken a tooth and was able to be seen by Robin, the hygienist, within 2 working days!. Dr. Morris followed up with me the very next week to do a crown lengthening procedure. The whole staff was wonderful, professional, and willing to work me in their schedule to help me out. Robin even made a referral and arranged my next appointment with another dentist to finish my procedures. I am very fortunate that they were so good to me!

- Pam H

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